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Cross Dressing Guide A Simple Guide To Crossdressi

A guide for anything is good to have when you want to do it correctly. I have a guide for cooking that has helped me to actually be able to make bread that doesn't break the tiles when you drop it on the floor. When someone decides that they want to try cross dressing it would only seem fitting for them to have a cross dressing guide. A cross dressing guide is great for those that really want to try cross dressing but just don't know where to begin.

Something that should be a part of any cross dressing guide is a warning. Cross dressing is something that some people just won't understand no matter what you say or do and that's fine. There are going to be people like that in anything you do. So before you get ready to go in your new outfit to try cross dressing for the first time, have ready how you will react to those close minded people. The best response really is no response at all. That will just give them what they want and ruin your day. Just let what they say or do roll off your back and go on. Don't let one person decide how your day will turn out.

Now with that out of the way, onto the clothes. If you are a woman that wants to dress like a man, that's not very hard to do. But if you are a man that wants to dress like a woman there are so many things to take into consideration if you really want people to think that you could be a real woman. One of those things would be to consider your clothing. Just because you saw the perfect blouse in a store and want to wear it doesn't mean that it will look right on you. Mainly because a woman has breasts and people that made that shirt took that into consideration when they made it. That's a problem easily fixed though. There are companies that are now making bras that give the look of real breasts. Women who are flat chested and don't want to be wear them and men that want to fit in that favorite blouse wear them. They are a popular product loved by many. Of course if you have been cross dressing for quite some time and know that it is something for you then you might consider breast augmentation to attain the look permanently.

There are certain features that a man has that will make it hard for him to look truly like a woman, hair being one of them. And eyebrows usually have more hair in them for men than they do for women. Something that nobody really likes to do is pluck or wax your eyebrows but it will most likely be necessary. Granted it's no fun, trust me, I know, but it does something to even the most masculine facial features by way of toning them down.

Crossdressing is something that can be a lot of fun if you take the time to do it right. Hopefully with this cross dressing guide it will be all the fun you ever hoped for.

Jennifer Skyy is a professional crossdresser and transgender. She performs at adult bars and clubs at nights while caring for her family during the day. To learn more about how to crossdress, visit her personal website where she offers free crossdressing tips and ideas:

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