Why Choose Cremation Jewelry

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Why Choose Cremation Jewelry

Every year, more and more people choose cremation jewelry as a way to honor a deceased loved one. Once considered a novelty item by some and macabre by others, cremation jewelry is growing in acceptance and popularity. Following are some of the most common reasons people across the country are choosing cremation jewelry.

Cremation jewelry allows family members to share their loved one's ashes. Because modern families often have members living in different states or even different countries, deciding who will keep a deceased loved one's ashes can be a challenge. Cremation jewelry helps to solve this dilemma by allowing each family member to share a small portion of the cremated remains.

Cremation jewelry provides comfort by maintaining a physical connection to a loved one. For some people, the thought of holding a loved one's ashes close at heart somehow brings comfort in their grief. Wearing an ash pendant or displaying a cremation keepsake as a memorial to a loved one is personal; rather than visiting a gravesite or columbarium, some family members find solace in knowing that a part of their deceased loved one can be with them forever.

Cremation jewelry is discreet. Most cremation pendants can be worn under clothing without being detected. Even if memorial jewelry is worn outside, however, many pieces are designed so that no one will know what the contents are unless the wearer chooses to tell them.

Cremation jewelry is attractive. Today's cremation jewelry comes in a wide range of styles, with designs to suit any taste. From precious metals and gemstones to glass and ancient woods, the materials that go into cremation jewelry help to give cremation necklaces their broad appeal.

Cremation jewelry is versatile. Jewelry for ashes can be worn as an ash pendant, bracelet, or keychain, or it can be displayed under a glass keepsake dome as a distinctive memorial to the loved one whose ashes are contained within.

Cremation jewelry is inexpensive. Cremation is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of many people for disposition human remains, mainly due to the fact that cremation is much less costly than traditional burial. Likewise, cremation jewelry is an inexpensive way to contain a loved one's ashes, especially when purchased in a family set with cremation pendants for several members of the family.

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