What Is Cz Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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What Is Cz Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic zirconia (also known as CZ) is a beautiful man-made gemstone that is durable, inexpensive and created to simulate the

diamond. It replicates the characteristics of a perfect diamond more closely than any other gem material, but at a fraction

of the cost.

CZ crystals have been known since 1937 and these days cubic stone zirconia is created in a laboratory by heating zirconium

oxide and yttrium oxide to very high temperatures (almost 5000 degrees Fahrenheit!). The amount of each ingredient is

carefully controlled, and finally gets beautiful, flawless crystals. This result is amazing fire and brilliance and certain

additives sometimes being used to achieve a similar appearance to genuine diamonds. Other ingredients are also added to

produce various colors.

Recently manufacturers have made cubic stone zirconia harder and more radiant to produce near-diamond qualities. Like

diamonds, the best cubic zirconia are colorless (or white) and don't lose their brilliance. So what the difference between a

Cubic Zirconia and a diamond. Cubic stone zirconia is not as hard as a diamond and weighs more than a diamond of the same

exact size. Only trained gemologists can tell the difference between the two.

There are different qualities in Cubic Zirconia such as white round A quality, AAA and five star AAAAA quality. Generally, it

has four main factors that help determine the quality or grade of cubic zirconia. These are carat (or carat weight), clarity,

color, and cut. Cubic zirconia jewelry is designed to imitate the perfect diamond; its most important characteristic is the

sparkle. Five-star AAAAA CZ is the highest-quality diamond available in the world of faux diamonds, and is widely known for

its magnificent shine.

Cubic zirconia jewelry is affordable, beautiful and charming. Cubic Zirconia is available in all types of zirconia jewelry...

rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc. Now Cubic zirconia jewelry comes in many fashionable colors, making it

even more attractive. You can buy cubic stone zirconia that looks like genuine diamond jewelry for a fraction of the price.

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