Varieties Of Macrame Knots In Jewelry

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Varieties Of Macrame Knots In Jewelry

Square Knot

Square macrame knots are produced using four strands of material. Depending on whether knotting right or left, several strands lie parallel to one another plus the knotter works with the outer two knots. The leftmost strand is positioned across and over both middle strands and underneath the rightmost strand. The rightmost strand goes across and beneath the two middle strands and also over the lefthand strand.

The tip of the rightmost strand should now lie on the left side and the end of the lefthand most strand should be at the right. The tip of your rightmost strand, now from the left, is passed underneath the two middle strands and on top of the end of the leftmost string. The tip on the leftmost string, from the right goes over the middle strands and beneath the end of the right-most string. The 2 strings are then pulled tight and closed.

These macrame knots are commonly employed in many hemp jewelry pieces. This knot as well as variations are combined to produce a plethora of patterns for bracelets and necklaces. The square knot can also be used to keep beads and also other stones throughout the necklace or bracelet. In addition to hemp, this knot may also be used for silver bracelets.

Double Half Hitch

The double half hitch can knotted vertically, horizontally, diagonally or curved. This macrame knots is normally started by mounting materials using a dowel; another technique is to tie an overhand knot in each cord that may be then pinned with a knotting board. To make the fundamental horizontal double half hitch, a horizontal cord is placed over the dangling strands. Going left-to-right, the vertical strand's end is then brought up and also over the horizontal strand and end is pulled with the resulting loop.

Precisely the same cord's end is raised again exactly the same way. Each cord is knotted twice before moving on to another cord. Similar to the square knot, this knot can be used on hemp, silver or other pliable jewelry cords. The double half hitch knot is often strung together to generate wide chokers, bracelets and necklaces.

Overhand Knot

The overhand macrame knots is a knots most often utilized to tie shoelaces. It can be designed by producing a loop with the cord and getting one end under the cord and through the loop. Each ends are then pulled tight. The knot's shape can serve as a pendant for a necklace when designed with metal; it can also be used to stop and start patterns on natural fiber necklaces and bracelets.

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