Jewelry Of Animal Shape For The Last Two Seasons

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Jewelry Of Animal Shape For The Last Two Seasons

Tiger, zebra, owl etc. it gave us the illusion that the 2012 Fashion Week was like a show for various animals. With the assistance of styles of garment and texture of jewelry, birds, beast even small insects are all vividly appeared on the model's hair, collar and wrist to become the highlights of the modeling.

Ferocious tiger, snake that symbolizing wisdom, or zebra that full of psychedelic colors, are all favorite of designers in this year. Filled with wildness of jungle, these special jewelry are about to highlight the domineering personality of the wearer.

The western embossment-like texture of the jewelry is of strong retro style, while the anthropomorphic animals are full of delight, which can make us smile understandably.

Realistic Joybo animal ring can highlight the taste for fashion, which would bring you the dominating charm on the fingertips.

Whether black cheetah or elephants designed with special-shaped pearls, the COULISSE animal jewelry is always full of vigor.

Clothes matching

Full of personality beyond ignorance, the beast shape jewelry is mostly with exaggerated style, which is suitable for matching with dresses with excellent texture and indirect style. Concerning on the grasp of color, jewelry with solid color or pattern color matched with the same color of the dress is the best.

Without any explanation, the snake-like bracelet is absolutely the winner of the classic.

When matched with leather necklaces, jewelry such as deer with the symbol of totemic and horse that soared into the sky with the cool feeling of a cowboy are the first choices for those cool female.

Aren't there rings more endearing than a pig with sunglasses or a bear wearing earrings?

Meandering and streamlined snake shape inlaid with dazzling diamonds and delicate pearl are the favorite of female that pay attention to details.

Though some small snakes are a little awkward, they are of adorable characteristic. While crocodile biting the tail and snake wound in lapis lazuli are dangerous but full of artistic sense.

Wisdom collocation for animal jewelry

The outline, patterns and tree-dimensional decoration would be very impressive. The matching value for jewelry of animal shape is on their effects of both highlighting the special points of the shape and keep people remember it at the first sight.

1.The unification of the three individuals, personality, style of clothing, jewelry style, should be achieved. Young females who are with sweet and pure looks aren't very suitable for jewelry with leopard or serpentine jewelry.

2.Animal jewelry are often colorful, thus the coordination with clothes of the main color of jewelry should be consistent.

3.The animal jewelry is styling, thus it is supposed that they should be matched with clothes with simple design on design and colors.

4.It is recommended that just one animal item should be taken as focus. Keep it in mind that no more than two items if you have to match with other jewelry. Pay attention to priorities and maintain the consistency of the jewelry style and the main color.

5.Animal shaped necklaces are not as vivid as rings and bracelets, pendants and earrings would increase the sense of freshness as you walking.

The bird shaped jewelry with cute style is more suitable for long necklaces, it is a good choose to match this type with loose sweater or cool T-shirt; while the choosing of bird brooch or earrings with gorgeous style are more easily to become the crowning touch among the whole set, it will make the wearer become the focus of the public when matching with work wear or business casual suits.

So here is the question, after appreciating jewelry of animal shape, will you choose to purchase one for your wear? Oh, I believe you can DIY one if you are with smart hand and do not want to purchase them at high price!

(If you think to buy beads online isn't a good choose, then I'll tell your it isn't entirely exact, actually as a beads lover, I operate small DIY crafts business online, take bulk beads or tibetan silver for example, they are indeed convenient of being purchased online with high quality at a reasonable price if you choose the right supplier.)