Fashion Jewelry With Allergies Prevention

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Fashion Jewelry With Allergies Prevention

General fashion jewelry, pearls, elegant and avant-garde earrings would lead to dermatitis, symptoms often wear necklaces, rings and other jewels of itching, burning, erythema, peeling, or papules, vesicles and purulent secretions, the formation of severe ulcers, and even trigger asthma and generalized urticaria. Wear jewelry in the elections, you must be aware of your skin has an allergic reaction, avoid the use of gold, silver jewelry, chromium, nickel, etc. The most likely cause inflammation of imitation jewelry ornaments skin.

1.Ring: Ring syndrome for many years the day will ring on his hand, his fingers numb, acid swelling, pain, is a tight coupling ring finger skin, muscle, bone deformities, depression in the ring, with a tendency to finger deformation, if not, they also affect blood circulation, or even local necrosis. In the long run hand ring wear, the rings under the skin is difficult to clean, the reproduction of germs and viruses multiply, the pathogens are transmitted. Avoid wearing rings do not choose a long time.

2.Earrings: Earrings of Down Syndrome people in the street just rolling the eyes of the ear, not health. If the eye toolbar ear is not cleaned and disinfected, it is possible that tetanus and other infectious diseases. Some tie people in the eye ear wire, cotton, bamboo and other materials, not only impede the healing of the ear loops, but also helped the spread of infection and even ear cartilage causing inflammation. I suggest that body piercing eyes, the formal beauty salon or hospital to do so. Also avoid the summer, summer sweat more, a little attention to protecting the skin around the eyes, ears prone to inflammation. Also, if the wear of rings, earrings and friction of the skin can cause skin ulcers. Need to pierce the skin for jewelry, earrings, etc. should pay special attention, try to buy precious metal content is relatively high jewelry, like thousands of gold for gold, PT950, Pd 950, palladium 990, etc, body of these metals are not usually allergic to. If you are allergic, do not try to pierce the skin to wear jewelry. Recommended to detect gold and diamond quality products for inspection centers on the precious metal content, higher than the national standard, whether nickel is harmful and should stop use. Another reminder, summer sweat more, the jewelry should be cleaned frequently, especially when wearing earrings with alcohol before immersion disinfection jewelry, gold jewelry for the New York radiation sickness from a health and quarantine authorities did a thousand pieces of gold jewelry testing and found 70 pieces of jewelry that contains radioactive elements. Some radioactive elements such as polonium, cobalt, radio, etc., often with gold were to survive, people in mining, smelting and production process of gold jewelry, it is inevitable that a small amount of radioactive waste and mixed in it. Allergies should not continue to use, remove the sterilized with alcohol, put a bit of time, can still be used. If you are still allergic, should be higher levels of precious metals to wear jewelry. When the use of gold jewelry containing these radioactive elements, contact with the skin is exposed to radiation for long periods of disease-causing radioactive jewelry, cancer is radioactive grave. In addition, summer sweat more, copper carat may be subject to corrosion, cleaning and disinfection should be aware that if you have yellow oxide, can be re-fashioned professional Gold.

We introduced a new type of accessories for the environment, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.Jewelry wholesale perform a variety of permutations and combinations of materials in this way, glass, resin, leather, ribbon, metal, etc, in different shapes and colors collide to create endless possibilities. For example, silk ribbon and a black leather soft rope to use for the user adds a little fun of DIY, as in all means to wear a collar, knotted, and even then the mood, will create different effects, I always liked the challenge with a teacher who is not a problem.

Collar was designed with an alloy of environment, protection of diamond fusion, and is plated in 21K gold, or as a group, retro, elegant, noble, well, the use of bright colors for spring and summer, add fun, bright gold bracelet range brings a sense of retro style and modern city. Can effectively prevent wear costume jewelry have allergy symptoms, it is your only option.

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