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February 15, 2011Michelle Perez, VP of Sales & Marketing



Evie Evan Sends Products to Troops in Afghanistan

AUSTIN, Texas, February 15 + Earlier this month, Evie Evan sent 1,000 of its Soldier ScrubsTM to troops in Afghanistan. Working with a charity, Solider Socks, Evie Evan was able to provide its low-water solution to troops overseas. These efforts were part of the Evie Evan CaresTM program, which looks for different ways to work with charitable organizations.

Supporting the troops is a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of the Evie Evan owners, Ivonne Ruggles and Michelle Perez. Michelle's brother-in-law, Jeff Wells, served eight years in the Air Force and flew on many humanitarian missions around the world. Jeff often told Ivonne and Michelle about the skin care needs of the soldiers. "We needed items that required very little water, as we wanted to preserve our water for drinking. We also needed packaging that was rugged and would hold up in our packs," Jeff commented.

"We are very excited to work with Solider Socks, to manufacture and package our Soldier ScrubTM for them," Ivonne remarked. "We were in a position to provide a product to meet the soldiers' unique needs." Evie Evan plans to continue its partnership with Soldier Socks and make additional products to support the troops.

About Evie Evan

Open since June 2010, Evie Evan is a locally owned and operated skin care and cosmetics company that offers a wide array of quality products and services for both women and men. Its core philosophy is that healthy, beautiful skin is enhanced by the artistry of makeup and that skin care and makeup are inseparable. The company believes that maintaining healthy skin is necessary for a beautiful complexion, which can then be enhanced through the skillful application of makeup.

The brand embraces the diversity of its clients and seeks to expand the definition of beauty to include different ranges of colors, looks, ethnicities, and concerns. The company provides products with the highest quality ingredients, formulations, and active agents manufactured to the highest purity standards. The makeup and skin care lines were created with the diversity of life in mind including life stages, looks, skin conditions, and ranges. Evie Evan skin care products include cleansers, toners, astringents and mists, masques, exfoliants, body lotions, moisturizers, and eye, lips, and throat treatments. Evie Evan makeup provides a diverse palette of colors to create a wide range of looks from natural to bold, and accommodates numerous complexion tones through a wide selection of foundations, lipsticks, eye colors, and blushes. Evie Evan services include makeup and skincare consultations, bridal services, special occasion makeup application, makeup parties, and other special events. All products are offered in an inviting and fun space located in downtown Austin, TX.


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