Certain Jewelry Looks Better On Certain Body Types

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Certain Jewelry Looks Better On Certain Body Types

Choosing jewelry can be a lot of fun. With all the choices in shape, style, stones and colors, jewelry can be a great way to express your style and personality. Most women choose jewelry according to the latest fashion, or according to their particular taste, but few women ever stop to think how their jewelry choices can enhance their appearance.

Just as specific styles of clothing look best on certain body types, jewelry can accent or detract from your facial and body features. When you're considering jewelry, think about your height, your weight and your bone structure. Even the shape of your face and the length of your neck could influence your jewelry choices. If you've never picked out jewelry based on your body type, use these helpful suggestions to get started.

Jewelry and Overall Body Frame

Your frame should be one of your first considerations when selecting jewelry. In general, tall women can carry off much stronger, bold jewelry that would overpower a small-framed, short woman. Conversely, a larger woman might want to steer away from dainty little wires that are nearly lost against her stature.

Earrings and Body Types

Earrings are a great way to call attention to your face and either attract attention or de-emphasize certain features. Avoid long, dangly earrings or huge hoops if you're short and slight. In addition to your overall size, though, think about the shape of your face and choose styles that contrast with it.

A tall woman can wear long, dangly earrings that brush her shoulders. Full-figured women look great wearing angular, geometric shapes, while styles that sweep upward like seashells and wings look especially attractive on shorter women.

If you're average height and weight, choose your earrings to coordinate with your hair style and facial shape. For long, full hair, choose larger, more obvious earrings. If you're wearing a pulled back or upswept style, you can get away with delicate studs or pearl buttons. More ornate hairstyles can be balanced with chandelier earrings, but avoid those if you have a short neck.

If you have an angular face, choose round earrings to soften the line of your jaw and cheekbones. Buttons and hoops are especially attractive choices for women with thin faces who need a little more width. If your face is rectangular, choose a wider earring to balance your jaw and add some width to your face. If you have a pointed chin, choose earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top to create the illusion of fullness at the jaw line. Finally, if you have a round face, dangling earrings, especially those with angles will make your face look more angular and defined.

Necklaces and Body Types

Most women who are average height and weight, or who are thin and tall, can wear almost any style of necklace. Pearl chokers or gemstone necklaces made of stones that are the same size can be especially attractive on tall, thin women.

Keep your body shape in mind when choosing necklaces. Chokers tend to de-emphasize height. Long necklaces like strings of chains and fresh water pearls can lengthen a short torso, and de-emphasize the roundness of a full-figured woman, especially if they're knotted at bodice level and hang in a straight line.

If your face is rectangular, choose jewelry that adds width rather than length. Chokers and short, U-shaped necklaces flatter angular faces and soften sharp chins. Longer necklaces can lengthen a short, round face and add length to a short neck.

Full-figured women should also opt for pendants with heavier, larger stones and thicker chains rather than thin, delicate chains.

Bracelets and Body Types

Bracelets can also help add width or deflect attention from wider mid sections. For instance, wearing a couple of wide bands or several narrow bangle bracelets can help balance a wide middle or wide hips. Delicate bracelets are a bad choice for women with long, thin arms, since they tend to disappear. Instead, choose wider band bracelets or multiple bangles.

Rings and Body Types

Pay attention to the shape and size of your fingers when choosing rings. If your fingers a long and slender, you can wear almost any style or shape of ring. If they're thin and bony, though, you should opt for rings with oval or round stones and settings. The curves will give the illusion of softness to thin fingers.

If your fingers are short and thicker, avoid big, clunky rings, especially those that extend beyond the first joint of your finger. They'll be uncomfortable, and make your fingers look short and stubby. Instead, choose narrow bands that fit loosely enough that they don't appear to be cutting into the base of your finger. Chevron shaped rings with the point toward your wrist can even make your fingers and your hands look longer and thinner.

The next time you shop for jewelry, keep these helpful tips in mind and think about the different ways you can accentuate your best features with accessories.

Sara Stewart is a freelance writer who writes about style, fashion and shopping, often discussing specific items such as men's watches.